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Jorge Manrique

Jorge Manrique was a major Castilian poet, whose main work, the Coplas a la muerte de mi padre, is still read today. He was a supporter of the queen Isabel I of Castile, and actively participated on her side in the civil war that broke out against her half-brother, Enrique IV, when the latter attempted to make his daughter, Juana, crown princess. Jorge died in 1479 during an attempt to take the castle of Garcimuñoz, defended by the Marquis of Villena, after... Read More

Bornc. 1440
Paredes de Nava, Palencia, or Segura de la Sierra, Jaén
DiedApril 24, 1479 (aged 38–39)
Santa María del Campo, Cuenca
OccupationPoet and soldier
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